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Boost your company's efficiency.
Be part of disruptive energy optimization.

Smarkia is the SaaS platform for intelligent energy management that maximizes efficiency and savings

We monitor energy to analyze consumption and costs in detail.
Our competitors
Only monitor
Reactive analysis
Limited solutions
We monitor and remotely manage
We anticipate problems
Unlimited scalability

We (R)evolutionize the Energy Paradigm

The objective is to optimize your company's energy and we propose to do it in an innovative way. We also provide you with the necessary tools to achieve it by anticipating the problem before it occurs.

We achieve what our competitors consider impossible by using AI to transform information into knowledge.

Through disruptive technology

Manage your energy flexibly, quickly and easily without specific hardware.

Ensuring measurable results

Reduce costs and time.Don't wait until it's too late,Start Saving Energy Now.

tailor-made Solutions

Make conscious decisions and obtain optimal results.

The Best Solution to optimize your Energy.
Our clients share their experience:

Smarkia is an example of a company at the forefront of AI on Azure.
Antonio Budia
Partners Director
Thanks to Smarkia's solutions, we optimize our customers' consumption and lower our impact on the environment.
Eva María Pérez
Head of Smart Energy Solutions
SMARKIA helps us optimize the efficiency of our solar plants in a simple way.
David Fernández
Smarkia is the perfect platform to showcase our own technology.
Javier Ariztegui
SR Manager Product Design
Customer Centric & Deep Tech

Cutting-edge Energy Management Solutions

We do not repeat the classic paradigms, we create our own path.  We break the status quo.
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Smarkia Monitor

The energy monitoring platform that allows you to act on your facilities
Benefits and Features
Multi-power and Multi-Protocol IoT monitoring
Easy and secure access from anywhere
High level of automation, customization of processes and reports
AI optimized remote management 
Configurable indicators and alerts
Predictive modeling and creation of intelligent invoices

Smarkia 50001

Energy Management at its Best
Benefits and Features
All Smarkia Monitor features
Automated energy planning and review
Set up and continuous monitoring of objectives, goals and plans
Follow up and operational control
Sankey diagram to visualize energy flow in the organization
Full compliance with ISO 50001 and IPMVP, as well as RD 56/2016.

Smarkia Utilities

Everything a Utility may need to accelerate your digitization and get the most out of your data
Benefits and Features
Easy integration with 3rd party business process systems
Maximum scalability thanks to its technological architecture
Automated generation of energy balances
Monitoring and management of renewable assets
AI applied to anomaly detection
Automation of tasks associated with alerts and events

Now you have all the Keys to Optimize your Energy.

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